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You might not know that a clogged and dirty air vent is a health hazard as well as a fire risk to your home. U.S. families use their dryers often, relying on the dryer to work properly every time.

National statistics show that dryers are responsible for almost 16,000 fires up and down the country. Not only is the risk of fire increased by a dryer clogged with lint, but toxic fumes can also back up into homes causing serious health risks to all family members. While it is important for people to know to clean the lint trap in your dryer regularly to ensure your dryer is always working efficiently, is it not enough to ensure the safety of your home. That is why it is important for your dryer vent to be cleaned regularly by a company that are experts in the process. We know that your dryer is an important factor in getting home chores completed and how the breakdown of a dryer can be a serious inconvenience.

We work quickly and with minimal disruption to your home life. An overheating dryer is a ticking time bomb that worsens each time you use your dryer. Why not then contact our expert team to advise and inspect your dryer vent. We come to your home at a time that is right for you and examine the whole dryer vent system, from the ducts between the dryer and the vent, to the opening of the dryer vent pipe outside. We answer any questions you have and ensure that we check the whole of the dryer system for potential hazards.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Often in commercial settings dryers run all the time meaning that the build up of harmful and flammable contaminants grows quicker. Of the 15,600 fires that start each year due to dryer vents the reason is usually because a build up of lint in the dryer vent has restricted the air flow.

This not only increases the drying time of your clothes, making you household energy bills soar, but the motor can overheat causing the lint to catch fire. Of course it is not just lint that can set fire which is why the whole dryer including the interior and exterior needs to be checked for other debris. We can cater to your business no matter what size you are.

Whether you are a care facility, hotel, motel, cleaners or other business that has a high number of dryers working round the clock we can help you with our professional, efficient and cost effective dryer vent cleaning service. There is no task too small that we are ready to help commercial customers with.

Just start by giving our team a call. Maybe you are unsure whether you dryer vent needs cleaning? If yes, then look out for the following signs that will prompt you to decide to contact our team for further advice. Do your clothes not come out completely dry like they normally do after a cycle? Are your energy bills sky rocketing but you’re unsure why? Has your dryer not been cleaned since you can last remember?

Can you see a large quantity of lint or other debris in the lint trap? If in a separate room, do you notice a lot of extra heat coming from the dryer area? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then it is time to contact our team for a consultation and inspection of your dryer.

Our Success With Dryer Vent Cleaning

Why risk a fire in at your business or home. Why risk your family or employees becoming sick due to toxic indoor air pollution. And why risk the rising costs home or office energy bills. Contact our expert team today. You might think that any cleaning service company is able to take on the task of cleaning your dryer vent, but you need a specialist in the field who trains employees in giving advice and on how to answer customers’ questions specifically relating to dryers. We are that company.

We test your dryer to understand what is causing it to malfunction or understand why it is running less efficiently. Then we schedule a cleaning at a time that is right for you, your team or your family. It is recommended that your dryer vent is cleaned at least once a year. If you use your dryer more frequently however we can arrange times to test and clean your dryer more often if needed. You might forget about your dryer vent and the impact that it has on your home’s indoor air quality or household bills. By simply getting our team to come in and clean your dryer you can ensure that you are keeping your home risk free from dryer fires. At Fast Air Duct Cleaning our aim is to improve your home and office space to ensure that you are comfortable all year round.

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